Iron Bark Honey 15kg
June 13, 2017
Golden Nectar Leatherwood Honey Bucket 3kg
June 17, 2017

Golden Nectar Leatherwood Honey Bucket 1.5kg


A uniquely flavoured honey of the highest quality, which is only produced in Tasmania. The leatherwood tree traces back to the time of Gondwanaland. This pure honey is produced from wilderness areas many listed as World Heritage Areas bringing to you one of the finest quality products in the world.

If the contents of this pail candies, and you prefer liquid honey, warm it in hot water or heat very steadily to 65°C (150°F), so that the honey will melt without burning or discolouring.

The honey will then be restored to its original quality and flavour. With large pails remove required quantity and melt.

Weight 2 kg


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