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  • Certified Organic Honey

    Certified Organic Honey


    Packed full of natural goodness, Super Bee organic honey is delicious in natural flavours all while retaining the health benefits of honey. The pure and natural taste is ideal for any purpose.

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  • Gift Pack 6x 100g Squeeze

    Gift Pack 6x 100g Squeeze


    6x 100g squeeze bottles. Macadamia, Yellow box, Eucalyptus, Rainforest, Iron bark, Floral Blend.

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  • Gift Pack Wood Crate 3x 250g Honey Add to cart
  • Honey and Cinnamon

    Honey and Cinnamon


    The health benefits of honey combined with the properties of cinnamon make this honey great for medicinal purposes. Commonly used for the flu, skin conditions and even to aid weight loss, Super Bee honey and cinnamon is a delicious and natural way to heal your body. Available in 500g.

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  • Honey and Ginger

    Honey and Ginger


    The combination of honey and ginger is both delectable and wholesome. The ginger pieces create a deliciously sweet and healthy honey. Available in 500g.

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  • Super Bee Eucalyptus 500g

    Super Bee Eucalyptus 500g


    Eucalyptus gives honey a rich and bold flavour. The fresh essence of eucalyptus combined with the subtle sweetness of honey makes it a great accompaniment for any tea. This honey reflects the fertility of Australia’s eucalyptus creating a clean and distinctly fresh taste.

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  • Super Bee Ironbark 500g

    Super Bee Ironbark 500g


    Ironbark is a unique Australian tree comprised of strong and dense bark. This honey has a fresh character combined with a light sweetness, making it an Australian favourite. The ironbark nectar gives it a light colour and mellow toffee flavour, extremely enjoyable for the whole family.

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  • Super Bee Manuka Honey +15 UMF 250g

    Super Bee Manuka Honey +15 UMF 250g


    Super Bee Manuka Honey +15 UMF

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  • Super Bee Rainforest

    Super Bee Rainforest


    Rainforest honey is mildly sweet with a perfect hint of freshness. The crispness of nature permeates in the mellow taste of the honey. With a lightly golden colour and a subtle floral aroma, rainforest honey is ideal for all typical honey uses.

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  • Super Bee Raw Honey

    Super Bee Raw Honey


    Unheated and unprocessed, Super Bee raw honey has a distinct quality and is full of flavour.

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  • Super Bee Tas Leatherwood

    Super Bee Tas Leatherwood


    Harvested from the Tasmanian Leatherwood tree, this honey contains a uniquely spicy flavour. Its strong flavour and floral tang gives it a gourmet reputation. It is great for any use, adding sweetness and aroma to any recipe.

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  • Super Bee Yellow Box 500g

    Super Bee Yellow Box 500g


    Yellow Box honey is light and bursting with sweetness. The smooth and light texture combined with the delicious sweetness makes it a perfect use for cakes and sauces.

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  • Super Bee- Squeeze Bottle

    Super Bee- Squeeze Bottle


    This honey favourite is great for anything! The classic flavour is suitable for drizzling, desserts and adding to any sweet or savoury recipe. Available in 375g and 500g.

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