Golden Blossom

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  • Fresh Cut Honeycomb

    Fresh Cut Honeycomb


    Cut fresh from the hive – a true honey lover’s delight. Health benefits of Honeycomb. Most of the powerful enzymes from the bees are in the honeycomb.

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  • Raw Eucalyptus Honey | Glass Jar

    Raw Eucalyptus Honey | Glass Jar


    Eucalyptus raw honey is a good antiseptic because of its germicidal properties. Eucalyptus raw honey has a golden color and sweet flavor and of course tends to have a special herbal flavor with a hint of menthol.

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  • Raw Eucalyptus Honey | Squeezable

    Raw Eucalyptus Honey | Squeezable


    Our Eucalyptus Honey is sourced from the many floral varieties of Australian eucalyptus trees. Golden in colour and a distinctive sweet taste with subtle notes of eucalyptus this medium flavour honey is perfect for stirring in tea or spread over fresh bread.

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  • Raw Honey | 1kg

    Raw Honey | 1kg


    This light coloured honey has an incredible and distinct flavour which will have you dipping in for more.

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